Elisha Clark

The Southeast Regional Director for OAAPN, Elisha Clark, APRN, FNP-C, earned her Master’s of Science Nursing/FNP from Ohio University where she has served as Adjunct Faculty since 2013. Focusing on family practice, with a specialization in wound care, Elisha works for the Muskingum Valley Health Center and is a board-certified expert and Medical Director in non-acute pediatric SANE exams for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Guernsey County. She also works PRN for addiction medication at SperoHealth and at the Genesis Wound Care Center


Elisha has served as the chapter leader of the Zanesville/Newark chapter of OAAPN since 2018, and achieved nearly a 100% attendance rate as an active member of the chapter. When asked why membership in OAAPN is important, she notes “the larger the group we become the more opportunity we have for influence and the better our chances of independent practice.” She goes on to say, “This also empowers APRNs and allows for improved practice capabilities and assists in keeping members informed and also gives us various opportunities for CME.”


As for the value that OAAPN brings to the APRN profession, Elisha believes that it is invaluable in terms of professional development and allows for building both personal and professional relationships. In addition her passion for her work as an APRN, Elisha has “four children and a wonderful, supportive husband and I am home every evening, weekend and holiday and most of my free time involves quality time with my family.”


Elisha grew up in Cleveland and relocated to southeastern Ohio over 20 years ago. In addition to her kids, her and her husband have two fur babies, one adopted from the pound and the other from a local farm.  “We have two leopard geckos, one of which was born blind (that’s a story in itself) and we have two cats, who we also adopted.” That sounds like quite a crew! 


Elisha’s words to live by: 

  1.  You can do anything you put your mind to
  2. If you’re bored when you’re by yourself, then you’re with bad company
  3. You are who your friends are
  4. My motto is I treat everyone the way I want my family treated


Elisha’s advice for APRN students:

Reach out and form relationships with as many APRNs as you can, regularly check in on colleagues and be nice to everyone in each site you go to, starting with the front desk staff!  


Something most people might not know about you…

 I’m very artistic and secretly draw and write poems, some have even been published in the past, usually anonymously.