OAAPN Awards

OAAPN Congratulates our 2021 Leadership Award Recipients!

OAAPN Statewide Conference

Lauren Brister
2021 OAAPN Award for Excellence

OAAPN Statewide Conference

Jeana Singleton
2021 OAAPN Advocate of the Year Award

Rachel Vanek
2020 OAAPN Preceptor of the Year Award

OAAPN Leadership Awards

2021 Nominations Open! 

OAAPN is presenting up to three leadership awards: An award for demonstrating Excellence in an APRN Role; an award for Advocacy for promoting the role of the APRN in Ohio; and an award for a Preceptor who exemplifies professionalism, service to others and lifelong learning.

Criteria for the three awards is below and the online nomination form is available by clicking HERE.  All nominations must be submitted online.  Deadline is August 31, 2021.

The Award for Excellence and the Advocacy Award require a 250-word statement outlining how the nominee has met the stated award criteria; and one letter of recommendation. You will upload these two documents as part of the online nomination form.

The Preceptor of the Year Award requires a one page letter detailing how your preceptor meets the criteria. You will upload this letter as part of the online nomination form.

The OAAPN Award for Excellence:

is bestowed upon an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) who demonstrates excellence in the role through any or all of the following activities: professional development, clinical skill, innovative practice, academic excellence, political action or interdisciplinary interaction. This APRN’s practice exemplifies the Mission Statement of the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, which is to:

  • Promote Advanced Practice Nursing Support Professional Development
  • Participate in the Implementation and Monitoring of Legislation
  • Attain Fair and Equitable Reimbursement for Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Foster Collegial and Collaborative Relationships with Other Health Care Providers
  • Promote Affordable, Accessible, Quality Healthcare for all Ohioans

The OAAPN Advocacy Award:

is bestowed upon an individual who supports and promotes the role of the Advanced Practice Registered Nurse in Ohio.

The APRN Advocate meets the following criteria:

  • Presents a positive image of APRNs to individuals within the public arena, whether it be the legislature, media, academic institutions or the general public;
  • Actively and consistently engages in activities that promote the professional image of nursing in general and advanced practice nursing in particular;
  • Participates in policymaking and legislative activities for the betterment of patients in Ohio through the advancement of APRNs, or,
  • Participates in media efforts that promote the role of advanced practice nursing in Ohio.

The OAAPN Preceptor of the Year Award:

is bestowed upon an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) who exemplifies professionalism, service to others and lifelong learning.

The nominee must:

  • Be an OAAPN member
  • Be a preceptor of an OAAPN student member
  • Exemplify professional characteristics of an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • Encouragingly mentor students on a path to be a professional APRN
  • Be an advocate of OAAPN and OAAPN membership

To nominate your preceptor, you must be an OAAPN student member.  Please submit a one page letter detailing how your preceptor meets the above criteria and should be considered as the OAAPN “Preceptor of the Year.”