Doctoral Surveys

If you are an OAAPN member with a DNP or PhD project that includes a survey, OAAPN is happy to share it here on the OAAPN website! This benefit is exclusive to OAAPN members and designed to increase visibility to your survey via OAAPN social media platforms and member communications.


Follow the simple steps below to have your survey included:

  1. Verify that your membership is current and active
  2. Fill out this short application
  3. Be prepared to provide your survey link, school/setting/IRB approval, and waiver information as part of the application process
  4. Share your summary findings with OAAPN upon completion of your project
Your application will be reviewed by the OAAPN Education Committee. Upon approval, you will be notified and your survey will be posted here on the OAAPN website as well as other OAAPN communications and social media outlets.