Legislative Updates

OAAPN Legislative Agenda – 2017 – 2018

  • H.B. 217 (General Assembly [GA] 131), Pink Slipping Authority for Mental Health APRNs, was unable to pass in the last GA due to lack of time in the “lame duck” period.  Because this bill was unopposed in both the House and the Senate, OAAPN’s lobbyists were able to secure a sponsor, Rep Carfagna (R- 68), for its introduction into the 132nd GA quickly.  It is expected this new bill (with a new number) will be introduced this Spring
  • Clean up bill for H.B. 216:  Due to lack of time there were several APRN issues which were not addressed.  Because H.B. 216 does not become effective until 4/6/2017, another major push for elimination of mandatory collaboration will not occur until 2018-2019.
  • Global Signature Authority for APRNs:  Authorizes APRNs to sign forms which are within their scope of practice.
  • Tax Credit for APRN Preceptors: Providers a $1000 tax credit to APRN preceptors who meet requirements.
  • Peer Review: Addition of APRNs to the list of health professionals that are protected from discovery of quality improvement processes and outcomes conducted under peer review.
  • Mandatory notification of patients when APRN leaves a practice: Includes APRNs in the mandatory 30 day notification of a provider leaving a practice.
  • Removal of 1:5 ratio between collaborating physicians and APRNs for the prescribing component of their practice.
  • Authorization for prescribing APRN to consult pharmacist “to dose”.

OAAPN is actively following these bills:

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