Bylaws and Mission

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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission: To promote Advanced Practice Nursing through practice, education, advocacy, and leadership.

Vision: Ohio APRNs will be recognized as leaders in providing affordable, accessible, quality healthcare for all Ohioans.

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Strategic Goals

Assure inclusive access to high quality formal and informal education for current and future APRNs that continually improves healthcare outcomes for Ohioans.

Identify, develop, advance and highlight ALL APRN leaders (emerging and within the workplaces) to ensure future growth and sustainability of our profession, role in Ohio, and organization (OAAPN).

Elevate the voice of Ohio APRNs by optimizing effective and transparent communication as key players in development of healthcare policy while prioritizing the allocation of resources.

Optimize APRN professional and clinical practice through support and resources in all areas of healthcare.

DEI Commitment Statement

OAAPN will foster a culture and climate of mutual respect, inclusion, and equity to empower its members, volunteers, and staff to create healthy environments within the professional membership. OAAPN acknowledges that embracing and supporting a diverse and inclusive organizational membership lends strength to our fundamental mission and vision and provides a stronger connection to the Ohioans we serve.