You’ve heard the old saying: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” When it comes to your career as an advanced practice nurse, your reputation is everything. Who you know–and, in turn, what people know about you–can define the types of opportunities that come your way. Your network can validate you as a trusted, reputable professional if you stay dedicated to expanding your knowledge in advanced practice nursing.

Belonging to professional organizations like OAAPN provides value in so many meaningful ways.

  • Networking

    Professional organizations provide opportunities for members to connect and network with other professionals in their field. These connections are invaluable because they are created around a mutual passion or interest. OAAPN membership includes a wide range of individuals, from students to tenured professionals offering opportunities to make genuine connections that ultimately can help to create mutually beneficial professional relationships. Whenever you connect with one person, you expand your network to include theirs. 

  • Continuing education

     Professional organizations often offer continuing education opportunities, such as conferences, workshops, and webinars, which allow members to stay up-to-date with the latest research and trends in their field. The information presented at the various events is often cutting-edge, presented by experts in the topic of discussion. But the presenters are not the only reasons to attend, as there is a wealth of information available from the other attendees, as well. 

  • Advocacy

    Professional organizations advocate for their members and the profession as a whole. They can work to improve legislation, regulations, and policies that affect their profession and provide a unified voice for their members. Large national-level professional organizations usually have committees that track federal and state legislative developments that impact their particular industry. Such organizations carry more significant political influence than that of individual members. 

  • Professional development

    Beyond events and social gatherings, professional organizations offer a variety of resources and support for members to develop professionally. This can include career guidance, leadership training, and professional certifications. Being a member of a professional organization often offers access to databases of contacts, articles, and other information to help you become a better professional. 

Belonging to professional organizations provides more than networking opportunities, continuing education, advocacy, and professional development for its members. The resources available can help members stay current in their field, develop professionally, and advance their careers.

OAAPN is a vital resource in the field of advanced practice nursing in Ohio. Membership matters – to you and to the advancement of our profession. 

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