Legislative Updates

SUB HB 177

Introduced November 2019 with 2000 hours of collaboration added for new NP’s. Others would be grandfathered in. This new version changed in January to remove the language that Nurse-Midwives to treat abnormal conditions and adjust concussion clearance to match that of the physician colleagues. In January Federal Trade Commission sent a response to Rep. Brinkman’s office urging legislators to support Sub HB 177. We have had a total of 6 hearings between April 2019 and June 2020 in the House Health Committee. We were to have interested party meeting in March with legislators and OSMA then COVID came. OAAPN continues to work with Rep. Brinkman to look at ways APRN’s could help in COVID. Ohio Hospital Association collaborated with OAAPN and OSANA to urge removal of the SCA during the COVID 19 crisis. The Ohio Administration did felt this decision should be made by the legislators instead of Governor Dewine. Sub HB 177 remaind the focus of Rep. Brinkman and the House Health Committee. OAAPN continues to look for ways to pass this bill and suppport patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

OAAPN is currently in communication with the Ohio Department of Public Safety to give EMS the ability to follow DNR orders signed by APRNs and PAs. A bill has been drafted by ODPS but has not been introduced yet or given a number.

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