Burnout has become a widespread issue in the workforce, particularly in the healthcare sector. Burnout can show up as physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms. We recently received valuable information on burnout from Tiffany Pottkotter, MSN, MA, RN, LPCC, PMHNP-BC. Take a look and the infographic below for more information:

Burnout infographic

What is burnout?

  •    Physical – tired/drained, low motivation, getting sick more often, change in appetite or sleep
  •    Emotional – sense of failure, alone, hopeless, negative outlook, decreased sense of accomplishment
  •    Behavioral – isolating, procrastinating, increase in alcohol, snapping at others

When self-care is still taking place but only satisfies you temporarily or not filling your cup


  • Short-staffed
  • Increasing responsibility
  • Number of patients and acuity of patients
  • No end in sight
  • Social media – ignorance, fighting uphill battles
  • Change in relationships
  • Loss of control
  • Lack of support


  • Every month do this  – look at  hours, coworkers, boss, work conditions, stress level
  • We must change as circumstances change – examples – hours, flexibility, stress level
  • Think outside the box, not rigid
  • There ARE other jobs – less pay, less identity
  • Don’t make your work your identity
  • Take things off your plate
  • Advocate
  • Be realistic – things aren’t changing anytime soon
  • Time frame – change can be for the next 1 year then re-evaluate and come back to old job

Activity: Meet with 3 people you know well, and have them finish this sentence:  I can totally see you doing ____


  • Work boundaries – saying no
  • Personal boundaries – avoiding people or conversations on specific topics
  • Social media boundaries
  • Adequate sleep
  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Vent to like-minded people
  • Reflect on the good you’re doing
  • Use your vacation time!!
  • Use of FMLA
  • Unplug after work
  • Hobbies

Biggest takeaway – MAKE A CHANGE!  Insanity is doing the same thing every day expecting a different result. You can STILL make a change in a different role or outside of work.