#MembershipMatters OAAPN

The strength of the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses (OAAPN) is derived from our members who choose to invest in themselves and our shared profession through membership. While the mission of OAAPN is to ensure that Ohioans have access to cost-effective, high-quality care provided by Advanced Practice Nurses, each one of our members has his or her own reason for being a member of OAAPN. 

Here’s what a few of them say about why #MembershipMatters:


Joscelyn Greaves, APRN-CNP, Immediate Past President

I am a member because I wanted to be part of the organization that is making a difference for APRNs in Ohio. I knew if I wanted to see change, OAAPN membership was imperative as it is impossible to do it alone. Being involved with OAAPN has allowed me to support the advocacy that it does and the efforts it puts forward to sustain and advance our practice.”


Michele Pirc, Northeast Region Director

“I am a member because it helps me to be a better version of myself. I am surrounded by a cohort of excellent leaders and APRNs that bring a great value to the lives of those we serve!”


Erin Hennessey, DNP, APRN-CNP

“I am a member of OAAPN to network with other NPs in my area. Having a broad network helps me to give better patient care through collaboration with an amazing group of professionals.”


Bethany Parsell, APRN-CNP

“I am a member of OAAPN because it is the professional obligation of all APRNs. OAAPN empowers me to be better for my patients, fellow APRNs, and myself. 


Joyce Karl, DNP, APRN-CNP

“I am an OAAPN member because I believe in our mission to: promote advanced practice nursing, and accessible, quality healthcare for all Ohioans; support professional development; foster collegial and collaborative relationships with other healthcare providers; attain fair reimbursement for APRNs; and participate in implementation and monitoring of legislation. Membership Matters!”


Meredith Foxx, MBA, APRN-CNP

“I am a member because as a professional APRN: I value an organization that keeps me informed about my profession, advocates for me, and allows me to network with colleagues. Membership in OAAPN is key to my success as an APRN.


Erin Ross, DNP, APRN-CNP

“OAAPN empowers me to connect, network, and collaborate for best practices with other professional nursing leaders in APRN practice in Ohio.” 

OAAPN seeks to strengthen the profession and provide resources to our members that they can’t get elsewhere. If you are not already a member of OAAPN, we invite you to join today. With your membership, you will have access to a variety of benefits and programs to help advance your career and the APRN profession as a whole. #MembershipMatters