Why Did You Become an APRN

At the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses, we are the voice of more than 10,000 APRNs throughout Ohio, counting Nurse Practitioners, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Certified Nurse Midwives among our members. 

As the past decade has seen a growing shortage of physicians, along with a large aging population, APRNs are increasingly stepping in to fill the clinical gap. As a result, the need for APRNs is increasing and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that all nursing positions will increase 26 percent by 2028. 

But many APRNs are driven by passion, not job outlooks to their career as an APRN. So, what do our members say when asked “Why did you become an APRN?”

  • Women deserve a kind, peaceful, and respectful birth under the individual gynecological care of a CNM.

  • I became a nurse practitioner to do more for my patients. Now my goal is to help them do more for themselves and move into a better state of health instead of putting bandaids on chronic illness.

  • I became an APRN to serve my community and participate in a profession that I love. I believe in providing education and a compassionate approach to promote optimal health. I became an advanced practice nurse, because it is my calling. ❤️

  • I became an APRN to provide more services to those I care for! In my role now, I care for veterans and it is a privilege to become a part of their lives!

  • I became a nurse practitioner to help children and adults achieve a better quality of life through education, self awareness, and a caring holistic approach to health. ?

  • I became an APRN to allow my voice to be heard, to be able to provide compassionate health care for my patients and help fill gaps in rural health care.

  • I live in a rural area and I saw the need for providers that were easy access for the patients. I love helping people and I love my patients.

  • I became an APRN to provide a higher level of care to my patients. I chose the FNP track since I enjoy caring for patients throughout their lifespan and have the opportunity to promote preventative healthcare and manage chronic illnesses.

  • I want to make a difference: today, tomorrow and wherever I can. ❤️

We believe that there is strength in our numbers, authority in our voice, and influence in our action. Thus, we celebrate all APRNs as part of our efforts to promote the profession of Advanced Practice Nursing. Join us!