Debra Young

Debra Young, APRN-CNP from Aultman Hospital, is truly an Amazing APRN. She is a pioneer who has been at Aultman since the APRN role was in its infancy.

Debra developed the clinical set up and policy for CRRT before there were CRRT machines at Aultman Hospital. She also paved the way for the APRNs in the CVSICU and helped develop post-op order sets and clinical pathways. Her influence has grown the role of the APRN from just physically rounding with the surgeon to collaborating to manage the patient’s care.

With a wide range of involvement, including the credentialing committee, she also keeps peers up to date with new legislation related to the APRN role and scope of practice.

Having earned degrees as both a CNP and a CNS, Debra is a great role model and mentor for new APRNs. She is full of knowledge, skill, and caring compassion towards patients and their families.

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