Click on the title of presentations below to download the presentation.  If no link appears the speaker has not provided us with their presentation.

Joint injection AM – Cliff Fawcett 2016

2016 – 12 Lead ECG – Louann Bailey – 5 Handouts Below – Click on Title to Download:

Handout #1: Systematic Approach
Handout #2: Axis Determination
Handout #3: Hemiblock
Handout #4: Landscape of an MI
Handout #5: Other Abnomalities

Basic Suturing – Jean Austin, Lorrie Elchert, Tim Haupricht

Radiology for the Non-Radiologist – OSU Dept. Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Nuts and Bolts of Thoracic Radiology – Carleen Risaliti
Radiology and Respiratory Failure – Matt Exline
-Lung Cancer Screening – Edwin Jackson


Joint Injection PM – David Sohn

Acute and Chronic Vaginitis – Mimi Secor

Ortho Assessment – Annette Kornasiewicz

Office Procedures – Suzanne Corado, Lorrie Elchert, Vaughn Hoblet.  3 Handouts – Click on Title Below to Download:

1. Abcesses

2. Cyrosurgery

3. Digital Blocks

4.Punch and Shave Biopsies


Reimbursement – Sally Streiber, Chris Williams

Reimbursement – Insurance Matrix


The Daily Dozen for NPs…And We’re Not Talking Donuts – Amelie Hollier

Ohio Law & Opioids – Richard Kasmer

Hand, Wrist and Foot/Heel Injuries – Joseph Congeni

Menopause Update 2016 – Mimi Secor

Diabetes: Lifestyle and Medication Management – Elena Christofides

Dermatologic Manifestations of Systemic Disease – Amelie Hollier

Pediatric Track:  Abdominal Pain – Michelle Widecan

Ohio’s Opiate Epidemic – Lucas County Sheriff’s Department

     Link HERE for additional handouts for “Ohio’s Opiate Epidemic

Contracts & RVU/ New to Practice?   – Cynthia Edwards-Tuttle

Obesity:  Lifestyle, Medication and Surgical Management – Elena Christofides

Cardiac Testing: What to Order When – Ajwad Farah

Anemias and All That Jazz – Amelie Hollier

Practical Neurology for the APRN – Jesse McClain

Thyroid,Parathyroid & Pituitary – Rebecca Ray


Wendy Wright – 3 Handouts Below – Click on Title to Download