OARRS Requirements

You may have received an email from the Ohio Board of Nursing indicating that you were out of compliance with the OARRS requirements for January of 2018. We have followed up with the Board regarding these emails and confirmed that the emails are legitimate, but the Board does not plan to start any investigations or disciplinary proceedings as a result of these OARRS checks.  Instead, the notices are just meant to remind APRNs that they need to be checking OAARS.

There is information contained in the email regarding to how to contact the Board if you believe the notice was sent in error—for example, if you fell under an exception to the requirements to check OARRS.  Additionally, if you would like more information on which prescriptions are at issue, you can request a list of the identified patients from the Board to confirm your compliance. A correction can be made to your file if you follow these instructions and contact the Board.

At this time, there is no action that you need to take, but we recommend contacting the Board to submit a correction if you believe you received the message in error.

If you have any questions contact the OBON at: (614) 466-3947 or email: aprn@nursing.ohio.gov