As we reflect on the past year for our industry, we look at the most accessed articles from 2023.


4 Bills to Remove Nurse Practitioner Restrictions Gain Government Support
From: March 9
Several bills have recently been introduced on a state and federal level that would expand the authority of nurse practitioners and other advanced practice registered nurses if passed into law.


Banning Access to Reproductive Health Care Would Intensify Poverty for Ohio Women

Ohio Capital Journal
From: November 2

On Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 7, Ohioans will vote on the Reproductive Freedom with Protections for Health and Safety, a ballot question that would amend the state constitution to ensure an individual’s fundamental right to make decisions about reproductive health care — inclusive of fertility treatment, contraception, miscarriage management and abortion.


Doctorate for nurse practitioners slowly advances as entry-level degree

From: January 12

For the past two decades, the nation’s main associations overseeing nursing education have called for the Doctor of Nursing Practice to be the standard entry-level degree for advanced practice registered nurses, rather than the Master of Science in Nursing. While the number of nurse training programs offering doctorates has grown, the doctoral degree has not yet become the norm for a number of reasons. For now, there’s little financial incentive to obtain a higher degree, nor is there significant evidence that a doctorate improves the quality of care.


Probiotics Raise Concerns in Vulnerable Populations

From: June 1

In a study published in the journal Gut Microbes, specialists affiliated with the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics raised questions regarding the safety of probiotics, especially among vulnerable populations.


Patients With COVID-19 Have 43% Increased Risk for New-Onset Autoimmune Diseases

From: September 7

Patients with COVID-19 demonstrate a 43 percent increased risk for new-onset autoimmune diseases in the three to 15 months following acute infection, according to data published in Clinical Rheumatology.


How to Become A Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner: What You Should Know

From: July 27

When patients experience terminal health conditions, they may seek palliative care or pain management as they prepare for end-of-life scenarios. Palliative care nurse practitioners offer compassionate care to patients with life-threatening illnesses in hospitals, patients’ homes and hospice care environments.


How Physicians, Health Systems Should Prep for the Next Decade

American Medical Association
From: July 27:

Last year was possibly the worst financial year for health care since COVID-19’s onset. Substantial data shows operating margin declines and challenges. To close this margin gap, health systems are looking for enterprising ways to save money and manage volume.


Full Practice Authority for Nurses Set to Expand the Primary Care Workforce

Practical Pain Management
From: July 13

Amidst a widespread physician shortage, advanced practice registered nurses and nurse practitioners with full practice authority are expanding access to care in 27 states and counting, but not everyone is up for the change.


Doctor, Nurse Practitioner Pay Rising As Amazon, CVS and Walgreens Buy Providers

From: September 7

Demand for nurse practitioners and primary care physicians is escalating along with their compensation as retailers from Amazon and CVS Health to Walmart and Walgreens build primary care clinics across the country.