Congratulating the 2021 OAAPN Leadership Awards Winners

OAAPN Leadership Awards

OAAPN is excited to celebrate our 2021 Leadership Awards Winners for those who demonstrate excellence and advocacy for APRN practice. We also added a new OAAPN Legacy Award this year, designed to recognize amazing APRNs in Ohio!

2021 OAAPN Preceptor of the Year: Rachel Vanek

The OAAPN Preceptor of the Year Award is given to an APRN who exemplifies professionalism, service to others, and a commitment to lifelong learning and the future of our practice.

Rachel has illustrated her commitment to stewarding NP students in many ways, including the development of an orientation plan for medical residents and new critical care APPs to provide both didactic and lecture activity to help them learn how to care for the critically ill patient. She is seen as a role model in advanced practice, not only by other NPs, but also students, nursing staff, medical residents, and attending physicians.

For her passion in sharing her time, knowledge and experience with the students she mentors on their paths to becoming professional APRNs, we are honored to present the 2021 Preceptor of the Year Award to Rachel.

2021 OAAPN Award of Excellence: Lauren Brister

The OAAPN Award of Excellence is given to an Advanced Practice Nurse who exemplifies the mission of our organization through professional development, clinical skill, innovative practice, academic excellence, political action and finally interdisciplinary interaction.

This year’s recipient is Lauren Brister. As the APP manager at the Seidman Cancer Hospital in Cleveland, Lauren has stepped up as a mentor, role model, and leader in creating a culture of collaboration between physicians and APRNs. While at Seidman she has developed both a post stem cell transplant and malignant hematology clinic run by APRNs, which have increased the patient’s access to care. Among other notable achievements, she has also been published several times and is currently developing a survivorship program that focuses on long-term care for transplant patients.

For the knowledge, experience and dedication she brings to her patients and passion for ensuring the integrity and success of APRN practice, we are honored to present the 2021 Award of Excellence to Lauren.

2021 OAAPN Advocate of the Year: Jeana Singleton

​​The OAAPN Advocate of the Year Award is bestowed upon an individual who supports and promotes the role of Advanced Practice Nurses. It is our pleasure to present this year’s award to Jeana Singleton.

Jeana has been an advocate of our organization and APRN practice for a number of years, but advocate seems too small of a word to describe what Jeana has done for APRNs. She has worked tirelessly with our organization and insurance companies to ensure that APRNs are not only recognized by insurance, but also reimbursed appropriately. Repeatedly, she has worked with our organization and with Medicaid to remove restrictive policy and promote equitable reimbursement for advanced practice nurses.

Some of her most important work has been promoting leaders within our practice and empowering those around her to become leaders. Jeana’s advocacy for the APRN profession is immeasurable, but her ability to cultivate and empower those around her to advocate and become leaders is a legacy.

2021 OAAPN Legacy Award: Edith Binder

Edith Binder, who practiced as an NP for 40 years. Take a closer look at our interview with Edith below.