Ohio NPs and APRNs

While none of us involved with OAAPN are surprised that Ohio APRNs have gone above and beyond the call of duty during the global pandemic, it is nice to see their tremendous efforts recognized. From all of us, thank you to Matthew, Jamie, Jennifer, and Rachel, and all of the APRNs on the frontline of this pandemic. It is because of your efforts that we can begin to see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel. 


  • ProMedica nurse practitioner deployed to NYC to fight coronavirus

    A Nurse Practitioner at Flower Hospital, Matthew Olzak answered the call of his Army Reserves Commander to travel to New York to battle a surging coronavirus at some of the hardest-hit hospitals in the area. “I think the mentality at that point is you’re very eager to actually get there and to be able to help out,” says Matthew of his rapid deployment to the frontlines.

  • Amazing APRN Jamie Elenz, APRN-CNP

    APRN Jamie Elenz currently oversees the nursing department, holds a women’s health clinic, and oversees the public health emergency response. She has served as the COVID Response Medical Lead since the beginning of the pandemic. Her roles in this title include: administration, collaborating with county agencies, schools, and prisons, reporting (accepting positive lab reports, quarantine and isolation), management (nursing staff and Covid disease trackers), and vaccine efforts (mass vaccination and special needs clinics). She does all this while continuing to function as the epidemiologist for Columbiana, Jefferson, and Harrison Counties.

  • Pregnant and on the frontline: nurse practitioner cares for COVID patients, gets vaccine

    OhioHealth Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Wagner received happy news in October 2020, when she found out she was pregnant. She was then assigned to work in a local urgent care that saw active COVID-19 cases daily, making the newly available vaccine all the more necessary. After a long discussion with her OB and primary care physician, Jennifer decided to receive the vaccine, noting, “I am higher risk if I were to get COVID of getting very ill and seeing COVID positive patients every day. I am more concerned about the long-term effects of COVID than the vaccine.”

  • Ohio nurse on the frontlines has message for Ohioans as COVID-19 surges

    A Cedarville University Family Nurse Practitioner alumna, Rachel Hartley served as a traveling nurse during the worst of the global pandemic. Her first stop was the hard-hit New York City, where she says, “The first month I was in New York City, every single patient that I cared for ended up passing away, it was absolutely devastating. So many of these patients are staring down the face of death. I have to offer them hope, no matter what the outcome is.” She went on to serve in Connecticut and now is in St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands.