Kimberly Brazee

Incoming Board Member, Kimberly Brazee will serve as the Northeast Region Director for OAAPN. First earning her Bachelor’s in Nursing from Cleveland State University, Kimberly went on to earn her Master’s degree as an acute care nurse practitioner from Kent State University. She currently serves as the Manager of Advanced Practice Providers and Critical Care Nurse Practitioners at University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center.

Calling herself a “career student,” Kimberly says she always wants to learn more. “I love the opportunities that are available to APRNS and these opportunities just continue to grow every day.” She says that she always knew she wanted to obtain an advanced degree and APRN seemed to be a natural path. “Through my APRN licensure, I have the ability to provide the care I envision to all of my patients!”

Kimberly originally joined OAAPN while completing her MSN, noting “ I found the information and the connection to OAAPN essential in helping me navigate my way as a new nurse practitioner.” Throughout her years of involvement with OAAPN, Kimberly says that she became very passionate about legislation and the advancement of the APRN practice and finds OAAPN essential to this connection.

Kimberly is married with two married daughters, and “four of the most amazing grandchildren.” In her free time, she enjoys spending as much time as possible with her family and especially her grandchildren. She also enjoys traveling, cross-country RV-ing, gardening, and reading.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Kelly about her role as incoming Board Member for OAAPN, her goals, and why she thinks the organization is vital to the APRN profession.

What are your goals as an incoming board member? 

My goal as a board member is to increase the connection of APRNS through networking opportunities, increase membership, share knowledge, increase opportunities for APRNS in Ohio to become active, increase educational opportunities and advocate for the removal of the SCA while staying connected to legislative changes. I want to see OAAPN grow and become an essential organization for all Ohio APRNS. 

Why do you believe membership and active participation in OAAPN is important? 

Membership and active participation with OAAPN are important because the practice constraints in Ohio can be very confusing – every APRN needs to have a source to rely upon for answers and support.

What value do you believe OAAPN provides for your professional development? 

OAAPN provides ongoing opportunities to connect to real-time information regarding legislation as well as opportunities to expand our knowledge. This is imperative for all APRNS to stay current within their field and yet have an understanding and expanding knowledge-base of other fields. Keeps us all well rounded!

Kimberly’s words to live by… 

Always grow and challenge yourself to be a better person and a better provider. Never stop learning and never give up, but always do so by putting family first – always find a balance between your profession and your family life you can be successful in both!

Three Things you might not know about Kimberly: 

  • I am passionate about supporting new APRNs into their transition to practice
  • I am passionate about advancing the APRN practice at a state level as well as within my institution 
  • I love my job and have no regrets about my professional path I have chosen