Sherri Sievers

Sherri Sievers is a Family Nurse Practitioner at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and OAAPN Director – Prescriptive Authority.

She says, “the best advice I can give new or future new board members is to be engaged and accountable.” She emphasizes,  “Your position on the board is important to the success of the organization. Your opinion matters and it is crucial that you attend meetings and honor your commitment to the position because your input is valuable.”

Sherri Sievers

Her favorite part of serving on the board was the friendships and relationships that she developed with my fellow board members. She notes, “Each member brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that I was fortunate to learn from. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and give back to my profession.”

She encourages all Ohio APRNs to join OAAPN, to consider running for a board position, and just get involved! Specifically, she says, “It is important to serve on the board because you learn what it takes to make an organization such as OAAPN work and how valuable that work is for all APRNs across Ohio.” Through OAAPN you can influence change and make a difference for our practice and for all Ohioans.


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