Kimberly Tartt

As the OAAPN Central Region Director, Kimberly Tartt sought to pursue full practice authority and the removal of all barriers to practice for APRN professionals. She notes, “I believe serving on OAAPN is vital, as without it our profession and all Ohioans.” 

She believes that it is important for all members to get involved with OAAPN, as “[e]ven the smallest amount of time you can give is essential.” It’s no surprise then that her advice to future board members is that dedication to the mission is essential … but so is time management and organization! 

While she loved everything about serving on the OAAPN board, she says that she mostly enjoyed getting to know her fellow board members on a personal level. At the core of the board’s mission is to advance APRN practice in Ohio, and to remove barriers to Ohioans receiving care from APRNs. 

By joining OAAPN, she says, “…allows the organization to carry out the legislative and other initiatives essential to APRN practice in Ohio. “ But, she also notes, don’t forget about the importance of networking, job hunting, and fellowship as to why APRNs should join OAAPN. 

Now that she has a little extra free time, you will likely find Kimberly playing softball. 


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