Jesse McClain

The Immediate Past President of OAAPN, Jesse McClain has been practicing in neurology for 14 years in both an inpatient and outpatient capacity. Currently, in practice at Mercy Health Youngstown, he has authored or co-authored a number of studies including a recent publication of data regarding COVID-19 and stroke. 

Prior to being elected President-Elect and then President in 2017 and 2018, Jesse was the Northeast Region Director for OAAPN and Chapter Leader for Youngstown.

Jesse’s advice for future OAAPN board members is, “Be involved, but not too involved.” He says that board members are oftentimes “doers” and always like to complete projects/assignments. While that is fantastic, he says it also can cause some burnout. 

He encourages new leaders to do the things that they enjoy doing, like reaching out to members, chapter leaders, or non-members to see how they are doing in their practice. “I always tried, every month to touch an APRN and ask if they were a member or not.” 

He notes, if they were not a member he would ask why not, and almost every time, their answer would be “I meant to join.” I would then use that opportunity to discuss the countless member benefits and hope they would join. He enjoyed doing those things, reaching out to APRNs, and just “talking shop.” 

If you find yourself doing things you are not enjoying, you have a tendency to stop, and here at OAAPN, we do not have time for people to stop. We are moving and moving fast. APRN practices are moving forward at lightning speed. In 20 years we got prescriptive authority, opiate prescribing, pink-slipping, and more. We have so much to do and such little time to do it in!

Jesse McClain

Jesse says his absolute favorite part of serving on the OAAPN Board was the Statewide Conference. “It pains me that we could not be in Columbus my final year on the Board.” He goes on to say, “I just loved casino night, poster presentation night, the pre-conference, presenting at the plenary sessions, and so on. I loved networking and seeing so many of you there. I loved the fundraiser baskets that I would Christmas shop for people. I loved the lunches and dinners and two-years ago I loved attending the Phil Collins concert before our Saturday pharmacology session.” It was great being able to transition to virtual, but he truly hopes to see fellow APRNs in Columbus next year. 

When asked why it is important for others to serve on the Board, Jesse simply says, “We need you.” Although OAAPN has been around for more than 50 years, we are advancing faster now than ever before. We need hardworking APRNs to help, not only to advance our practice but also to protect our practice. 

We are always reviewing bills, policies, and meeting with legislators and insurance companies to ensure that we advance, but also to ensure policies are not put into place that take us back a few years. We need individuals willing to learn and willing to help. 

Rather than why should APRNs join OAAPN, Jess asks, “Why not?” Why would an APRN not want to protect his or her profession? Many times people express that they do not know how to be involved. Sometimes, your membership is all we need. Those member dues help fund countless projects as well as legal and lobbying dues. 

Without memberships, we cannot review legislation or even draft legislation. We cannot advance our practice but also, we may not be able to protect our practice. Imagine if everything you do, right now, in your office, were stripped away because you had no one speaking for you in Columbus. What would you do? Who would you call? 

OAAPN is here for you. We are doing the things for you so you do not need to worry every night. We are meeting with legislators, we are meeting with lobbying teams, and we are meeting with leaders of other organizations in order to promote and educate about APRN practice. 

OAAPN would love to have you onboard as well, but we are all busy and I understand that. If you want to help, join. If you are a member already, ask your partner to join. If they are a member, ask someone in the hospital. Ask your students to join. You get the idea.

A personal message from Jesse:


“I loved every minute of being on this board and I promise you I tried my hardest to accomplish many things. I am humbled to have been elected to a number of positions in order to represent all of you locally and statewide. I hope I did an ok job for you. 

Probably my proudest moments of being a board member/President was helping to develop the APRN advisory committee and advocating for all APRNs at those meetings. I have made so many friends over the years and though I am not on the Board, I will still absolutely be involved. 

Thank you all for everything.

As Sun Tzu stated, “Victory comes from everyone sharing the same goals.”

Let’s get every APRN in Ohio to join and share the same goal of advancing APRN practice in Ohio in order to help all Ohioans. We can do this, all we have to do is try.”


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