Brandi Purdy Amazing APRN

The COVID-19 Pandemic’s effect on the healthcare industry is immeasurable and APRNs, in particular, have answered the call in a variety of ways. On April 21, 2020, Brandi Purdy took a step toward serving not only her patients but her country when she was sworn in as Capt. Brandi Purdy with the 121st Air Refueling Wing Medical Group.


After receiving her Master’s Degree from Chamberlain University in 2017, Brandi was looking for a way to put her education, knowledge, and experience to use in protecting and serving others. It was then that the three-year journey to becoming a member of the Air National Guard began.


In addition to her service to our country, Capt. Purdy is a practicing APRN with a local practice in Central Ohio. She, along with a colleague, reacted quickly to spearhead the implementation of telemedicine within their practice at the onset of the pandemic. Although she does not have a military background, Purdy feels her role as an APRN has helped prepare her for her position as an officer with the guard.


“The APRN role, as well as the role as a commissioned officer, are both leadership roles that are held to a very high standard and require advanced knowledge, skill, and critical decision-making abilities,” Purdy said. “I am very excited to learn and grow each day through the opportunities and experiences I have been provided. I am truly honored to have my contributions recognized and I hope it inspires others within the healthcare community to follow their aspirations to serve or further their education and career.”


You can read more about Capt. Brandi Purdy and her amazing story at this LINK. We thank her for her service to her patients and country!