The OAAPN Mission

The OAAPN Mission

As a profession, Advanced Practice Nursing continues to gain strength, as we move towards achieving our goal of removing the barriers that limit our practice, like the Standard Care Arrangement (SCA). 

OAAPN membership provides support for full practice initiatIves for all Ohio APRNs, including CNPs, CNMs, CNSs and CRNAs. Improving health care options for all Ohioans is important to our organization, our profession and our community. 

In order to assure that Ohioans have access to cost effective, high quality care provided by Advanced Practice Nurses, the mission of OAAPN is to:

  • Promote Advanced Practice Nursing
  • Support Professional Development
  • Participate in the Implementation and Monitoring of Legislation
  • Attain Fair and Equitable Reimbursement for Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Foster Collegial and Collaborative Relationships with Other Health Care Providers
  • Promote Affordable, Accessible, Quality Healthcare for all Ohioans

The strength of OAAPN truly lies in its numbers, and in the fact that our members choose to invest in themselves and their profession. We encourage you – as members of OAAPN – to help us achieve our mission by being active and staying engaged with the state of your profession.