Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the United States and globally. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that healthcare careers have some of the lowest unemployment rates across the board, with above average job growth rates, even during these uncertain times. In fact, now more than ever, clinical professionals are needed to meet the needs of patients and provide quality care across the spectrum.

Combined with a large, aging population, there has been a shortage of physicians over the past ten years, thus advanced practice registered nurses are stepping in to fill the clinical gap. The need for APRNs is increasing and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that all nursing positions will increase 26 percent by 2028. 

So welcome to all of those new APRNs joining our ranks! We recently took the opportunity to ask some of our members of the Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses what advice they have for new APRN graduates:

  1. Don’t ever ASSUME anything. If you’re not sure of an answer, ask questions and don’t hesitate to seek advice from colleagues.

  2. Keep a journal of important tips that you learn from colleagues, mentors, and others in the industry.

  3. Form strong relationships with your preceptors, especially those in specialty areas, and keep their contact information.

  4. Pick your first job based on who will be a good mentor and nurture that mentor relationship.

  5. Always be professional, and work to create strong relationships with other professionals.

  6. Respect your abilities.

  7. Nurture the APRN/physician relationship.

  8. Use your resources.

  9. Understand that you won’t/can’t know everything and know your limitations.

  10.  Join OAAPN!!

OAAPN is the voice of more than 10,000 APRNs throughout Ohio, including Nurse Practitioners, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and Certified Nurse Midwives. We believe that there is strength in our numbers, authority in our vice, and influence in our action. 

We invite all new members of the APRN profession to join us to advocate, educate, network, and invest yourself and your profession.