Updates from Governor DeWine

A summary of the updates from Governor DeWine and ODH Director Amy Acton from this weekend:

– 36 confirmed COVID-19 cases. At least 350 pending who are under investigation.
– Age ranges from 31-86 years old.  13 are females and  23 are males.
– Casinos and racinos are closed.
– Social distancing at daycares is impossible. Doctors recommend removing your child if you are able to do so and the state has put out enhanced guidelines in regards to sanitation for daycares.

– Emergency rules have been put into place to expand telehealth options for individuals struggling with mental health and addition.
– The state issued COVID-19 opioid treatment plans allowing opportunities for treatment to be done and loosens regulatory restrictions. It offers guidance on how to make medication available to those at risk for COVID-19. Questions about this plan – call 1-833-4-ASKODH.
– Food waivers from the federal government are being provided regardless of income to children 18 yrs and younger.
– The state recommends dentists and veterinarians postpone elective surgeries in an effort to preserve PPE. They are also looking at criteria for hospitals and outpatient centers regarding elective procedures/surgeries to keep social distancing, hospital beds open and preserve PPE.
– There are several healthcare facilities in Ohio that have created drive-through ‘swabbing stations’ to test individuals. They have developed screening procedures for hospital visitors as well. Please check your hospital’s website before visiting.
– The state is encouraging schools to continue education through distance learning for the next 3 weeks but has advise the school districts to be prepared as this may last for an extended time.
– Due to the concerns of social distancing and the importance of the need for this to minimize the spread, an order has been issued in which all bars and restaurants are to close at 9p tonight 3/15/2020 for unknown length of time. Carry out and delivery will still be allowed and encouraged
– Governor is going to sign an unemployment order to enable those who do not have paid leave to have access to unemployment benefits. This will broaden the policy and will also clarify those placed in quarantine by health professionals or employer to be considered as unemployed and will not subject to actively seek work. It will also include companies who decide to temporary shut down operations due to COVID-19. The order will expedite payments and waive a 1 week delay for workers to start to receive payments and applications. It will not increase employer cost and will be mutualized. Further information call 1-877-644-6562
– The state is looking to help those who purchased liquor in preparation for March Madness or St. Patrick’s Day. Bars and restaurants can return unopened high proof liquor to the agency where bought them if they have purchased them within the last 30 days. This will be a one time buyback.
– The Development Services is working to qualify for a state economic injury disaster program. This program will provide small businesses and non profits the ability to apply for a low interest loan to help overcome costs that can not be paid during this disaster.