Amanda Rumpke

The System Director for Advanced Practice & Continuum of Care at Bon Secours Mercy Health, Amanda Rumpke is a certified acute care nurse practitioner specializing in pulmonary and critical care. She attended the University of Cincinnati where she obtained her MSN in 2009 and is currently a Duke Johnson & Johnson Nursing Leadership Fellow

Throughout her career, Amanda has witnessed health care delivery through a variety of roles, including as a nurse in a medical ICU, a unit-based educator, a monitor technician, an APRN and the Director of Advanced Practice. Amanda says, “I have enjoyed engaging and empowering caregivers to be all they can for patients” regardless of her role. 

Also serving as the Co-Director for Southwest Ohio for OAAPN, Amanda was originally drawn to OAAPN due to the good work the organization has done for the profession. “OAAPN is always doing everything it can to support and educate its members. From continuing education programs to the Key Person Program.” This has further inspired her to do more for both the APRNs she works with but also those APRNs caring for patients outside of her organization. 

As an advocate for lifelong learning, Amanda has often looked to OAAPN to provide clinically focused and professional knowledge. She emphasizes the importance of membership as a means to staying current on what is happening in the profession, including law and rule updates, and information on current legislation

While she is especially passionate about top of licensure work, billing / coding and appropriate hospital credentialing for APRNs, she is also very interested in educating non-nurses on the APRN role. She considers having the opportunity to further support students and active nurse practitioners in Southwest Ohio as region co-director both an honor and a privilege. 

In her free time, she likes to run and practice yoga while spending time with her husband and three daughters on their farm in Liberty Township.