Federal Trade Commission

The Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses has been working with Rep. Brinkman’s office to obtain a response from the Federal Trade Commission regarding HB 177. In its response dated Jan 9th, the FTC urged legislators in Ohio to pass bills including HB 177 that allow APRNs to treat patients without the Standard Care Arrangement. This was a huge win for OAAPN.

A few comments from the response we want to note are:

  • pointed to research indicating that APRNS are “safe and effective as independent  providers of many health care services.”
  • commented HB 177 would benefit Ohio health care consumers, patients, and both public and private party payers.
  • rigid supervision and collaborative agreements have been found to impede the development of effective team-based care.

OAAPN is very excited to see in its conclusions that FTC staff support policy reforms, such as in H.B. 177, to remove undue barriers and they strongly believe doing so can help improve access to care, contain costs, and expand innovation in health care delivery.

The timing of this support from FTC is great as we are hoping to pass this bill out of the house in the coming weeks and move it to the Senate.  We are sharing this document with legislators and hope they too recognize the importance of removing barriers to access to care with HB 177 and feel the urgency to complete it this general assembly.

Read the full document from the Federal Trade Commission.