Preceptor Spotlight with Katelyn Obermiller

Awarded the Preceptor of the Year award by OAAPN in 2018, Katelyn Obermiller, APRN-CNP, exemplifies professionalism, service to others, and lifelong learning. 

Currently in Family Practice at Trinity Medical Group in Dennison, Ohio, Katelyn earned her RN from Kent State University and her BSN from Ohio University, before most recently attending Wheeling Jesuit University for her advanced degree. In addition to caring for patients of all ages for acute and chronic conditions and wellness in a rural health clinic, she serves as Chapter Leader for the OAAPN Tuscarawas area and participates in many boards at work including APRN Onboarding, Advisory Committee, Medical Staff, RHC Board, & Chronic Care Management.  

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Katelyn about her experiences as an APRN and as a member of OAAPN. 

Why did you choose to become a preceptor?

Being a preceptor is one way I give back to the profession. APRNs have so much to offer the community so we need to contribute to the growth of APRN students. I only had two APRNs during my personal rotations and I learned so much from them. 

How do you think being a preceptor has benefited you personally and/or professionally?

Students keep me on my toes. The days are busy in my office, seeing 20-24 patients daily. But I always ensure my students are getting a variety of experiences, applying clinical to their didactic, and providing opportunities for Q&A. They are very grateful for the experience and remind me of the struggles students and new graduates experience.  

Why would you encourage others to serve as a preceptor?

It is our duty to give back. There were people there for me and now I am here for others. In four years I had >900hours with students. I hope that quality care is retained and given from their experiences with me. I might need them someday. 

Advice for preceptors and/or students seeking a preceptor? 

Be open to precepting, they need you just as we needed that same experience to become who we are today. 

Students, don’t hesitate to call, write letters, visit offices, and attend your local OAAPN chapter meeting. Networking is key to establishing connections. I called/wrote letters everyday for 3 months until I found my OBGYN rotation years ago—it is possible, if you want it! Just keep pushing through. Good luck to you all.