New Year, New Opportunities

A Message From Joseclyn Greaves, OAAPN President

I have set goals both professionally and personally as we enter 2019. One of my goals is for OAAPN to continue the fight to remove the mandated SCA. We have come so far in the last 15 years in our state and at times it may seem like we are fighting uphill, but with determination we will get there!

Soon, OAAPN plans to reintroduce another bill to dissolve the need for a SCA. OAAPN introduced HB 726 last year; however, it did not pass. OSANA (Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists) too are wanting to reintroduce a bill this general assembly to allow them to write pre and post op anesthesia orders. They recently sent out a letter to their members which is linkedĀ HERE.

As this new year begins, we have dreams and goals we want and hope to achieve. This year we can only do this together. We need to support each other and come together as APRNS to fight and help us…OAAPN and OSANA… both achieve our goals.