Toni Harrison

The important work of OAAPN is made possible by APRNs across the state volunteering their time and energy to advocate for their profession, and none more so than our volunteer board members. Get to know more about New Board Member, Toni Harrison, why she volunteers, and her 2019 hopes for Ohio APRNs:

Title/Credentials and Place of Employment:
Adult Gero CNP Hospitalist Promedica Flower Hospital

What is your hope for Ohio APRNs and OAAPN in 2019 and beyond?
Build professional relationships, increase membership and network with fellow APRNs so that we may deliver better care to our patients. Many of us attend meetings every month and see other APRN titles on patients charts and/or professional directories. However, we don’t know one another and don’t know how we can come together to communicate with one another in our community and beyond to deliver better healthcare to our patients.

Why did you feel it is important to volunteer on the OAAPN Board?
It is a professional and personal obligation to help shape our practice. I meet many APRN students and APRNs who have never heard of OAAPN. I ask them if they know about the organization that builds, supports and advocates for our practice? This generally opens up conversations and leads to a new relationship and/or member.

What advice would you give to current APRN students?
Remember the foundational building blocks of your practice. You are a nurse first, which means remaining trusted, caring, and committed to yourself, patients, colleagues, and the profession as you advance yourself into the APRN profession. Never forget where you grew from and never stop learning.

Lastly, tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I’m a Star Trek game master at Dave and Buster’s!