Why does OAAPN need a PAC?

The benefit of having an OAAPN PAC is that it allows us to establish an organized process through which our members may send political contributions to be designated at a later date. Members of OAAPN are asked to contribute money to the PAC. These funds will then be designated (contributed) to individual Senators and House of Representative members of the Ohio state legislature who support OAAPN priorities.

It is important for OAAPN to support candidates who are dedicated to the passage of laws that benefit our members; whereby the elimination of practice barriers allow Advanced Practice Nurses to provide cost-effective, quality and accessible care to Ohioans. This support will contribute to the overall success of our association, allowing advanced practice nurses to be a driving force in the healthcare arena.

To donate via credit card, please click on “Donate Now” below. You may also donate by sending us a check (payable to OAAPN PAC) to: OAAPN PAC, 17 South High Street, Suite 200, Columbus, OH 43215.

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