Year in Review

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to highlight just a few of the things that OAAPN accomplished this year:

  • Passage of HB 111 that allows pink slipping for psych APRNs in Ohio.
  • Introduced HB 726 which seeks to retire the mandated Standard Care Arrangement (SCA) with sponsor testimony by Rep. Theresa Gavarone on Dec. 5.
  • Advocated for better representation of APRNs on the Ohio Board of Nursing and more transparency by providing live coverage the OBON’s APRN Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Developed and presented two “transition to practice” courses to help new APRNs move into their roles as practicing providers and also offered a specialty long term care course to help with documentation and billing for those in long term care settings.
  • Worked with our public affairs firm to develop the Ohioans for Healthcare Access Coalition and accompanying website (check it out here).
  • Met with leadership from various APRN and healthcare organizations as well as insurance companies regarding a variety of APRN issues and healthcare concerns.
  • Held the second annual Northwest Region Conference and planned the first Southwest Region Conference for February 2019.

This is just an abbreviated list as there are many other things that OAAPN is and will continue working on including but not limited to OHA wrestling forms, telemedicine, and the removal of mandated SCA. We are going to continue to fight for and work for our members and all APRNs across Ohio this coming year. Stay tuned!