On August 29, State Representative Theresa Gavarone (R-District 3) introduced legislation — HB-726, the Better Access to Better Care Act — that serves to expand access to vital healthcare services for Ohioans across the state by eliminating Ohio’s Standard Collaboration Agreement. 

In support of OAAPN’s goal of retiring Ohio’s outdated SCA and solving Ohio’s healthcare access challenge, OAAPN has established Ohioans for Healthcare Access, a growing coalition that includes nursing organizations across Ohio as well as AARP. Our coalition will continue to grow in the coming weeks and months, and OAAPN calls on all members to support our efforts by visiting the website, where you can send your representative a letter of support and share your story to ensure that lawmakers across the state hear the message that Ohio can do better! 

In a Press Statement, OAAPN President Jesse McClain highlighted the challenges Ohio patients face — including 150 federally designated “healthcare provider shortage areas,” affecting nearly 1.4 million patients who are denied direct access to high-quality APRN care.

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