Prescriptive Authority

The OSMA recently delivered the attached letter to the Ohio Senate urging opposition to OAAPNs bill which is expected to be introduced by Senator Hoagland. OSMA’s continued fear-mongering at the expense of Ohioans does nothing to serve the 1.4 million patients across our state that lack access to vital primary care services. Their continued efforts to protect their turf do nothing to improve access to quality care across the state. Please write or call your Ohio Senator today and urge them to co-sponsor OAAPN’s proposed bill to remove the mandated SCA. Click here to find your Ohio Senator and tell them:

 We are asking that he or she sign on as a co-sponsor to the Hoagland Bill, which will update APRN practice regulations to retire the mandated signed physician contract.   This legislation will:

  • improve access to health care services in the state of Ohio at this crucial time;
  • remove the red tape and the administrative nightmare of the current unfunded and expensive regulations;
  • stop a source of rising costs in Ohio’s health care budget.
  • as of 2 years ago,18 states were considered full practice states for APRN’s. Currently, 22 states and the District of Columbia allow full practice authority, including prescriptive authority for APRN’s – this is not a new concept!

Please use this link to find your state senator – just type in your address and the correct one will pop up.  Click on your senator, and once on their page, click “contact” at top of page.  You’ll then see a form to fill out out your name and address along with a space to send your Senator a message.  You may also call them – their phone number are on their webpage.

To read OSMA’s letter opposing OAAPN’s bill, click here.