Yvette Garbe Steffens

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” – Robert Frank

Share Your Moments with Yvette Garbe Steffens;

Yvette Garbe Steffens, a Cincinnati APRN-CNP, works in Retail Healthcare and performs LIVE Television News Segments as a Media Correspondent. Yvette enjoys this role because television broadcast allows her “to advocate for APRNs in the tri-state region of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. I am able to educate and introduce the role, of the APRN, to a vast population”.

Yvette also serves on the OAAPN Board as a Southwest Regional Co-Director.

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If you have a photo to share, amongst your fellow Ohio APRNs, submit your photo and a brief statement to the OAAPN office via email to info@OAAPN.org. You also invited to private message the OAAPN Facebook page with your image and details.

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