The Ohio Board of Nursing recently made recommendations that support additional regulation of primary care nurse practitioners in Ohio (Memorandum_OBON_Advisory_Committtee).  There is no empirical evidence to support the OBON’s position; in fact, it runs counter to the direction that most state boards have taken.

As you know, primary care nurse practitioners comprise nearly 75% of Ohio’s total number of NPs.  OAAPN is opposed to additional, unnecessary practice regulations – especially those that increase barriers by adding red tape, additional administrative requirements, and rules stating where NPs can and cannot practice.

On Wednesday, May 16th, the OBON’s three-member selection committee did not reappoint any of the three APRN incumbents to the APRN Advisory Committee.  All three had voiced opposition to further regulation of Ohio’s primary care NPs by the OBON.  Not only did these incumbents serve with integrity and commitment, they were nominated by numerous organizations, including OAAPN.  Eliminating these APRNs from the OBON’s Advisory Committee is concerning as it will likely result in muting the perspective of Ohio’s APRNs during important policy discussions.

Please take a moment to review the attached document which states OAAPN’s position of further regulation of primary care NP’s and the consequences of such regulation (OAAPN_Position_Statement_re_specialty_regulation_5.11.18).  Wednesday’s regrettable action by the OBON selection committee will only undermine the process of considering regulations that are in the best interest of patients across Ohio.

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