Professional Investments

By Tonya Carter, OAAPN Secretary

Professional advancement doesn’t occur by mere coincidence. It happens when individuals make an investment in themselves and in their profession. A success expert concluded that professionals who invest at least 3% of their income back into themselves and career were more likely to be in positions of leadership, earned higher wages, and were more likely to find employment in a competitive job market.

What professional investments are most likely to give you a return on your investment? Not surprisingly, one of the most worthwhile investments you can make is joining their professional organization.  Belonging gives members a chance to develop and showcase leadership skills, network with industry colleagues, and influence professional policy at the local and state level.

These marketable skills obtained outside your workplace can also be included on your resume when seeking career advancement and positioning yourself as leader in your profession. APRNs are leaders in the nursing profession we encourage you to follow the 3% rule starting today by joining or renewing your membership in OAAPN: Visit