OAAPN Membership

Thinking of becoming an OAAPN member? You’ll be joining a group of visionary APRNs who have been working hard for you and all Ohio APRNs, helping to organize and shape APRN practice in Ohio and making our voices heard at the legislative level. THIS is why OAAPN membership matters.

Support our PAC

One of the biggest issues affecting Advanced Practice Registered Nurses in Ohio is Full Practice Authority. The most recent legislation to continue our momentum was House Bill 216, which was signed into law in 2017. We will continue working tirelessly to remove the remaining barriers to APRN practice in Ohio.

Invest in Yourself

As a member, you’ll have access to a number of benefits, starting with reduced rates on the valuable continuing education programs offered at regional and statewide meetings.

Be in the Know

Members receive timely news and legislative updates before anyone else. You’ll be the first to learn about state and national news, trends and legislative activity through our members-only forums and email blasts.

Connect with Your Tribe

Our networking and engagement opportunities are plentiful. OAAPN members enjoy collaboration, friendship and support from fellow member APRNs. Plus, our online forums offer a chance to engage with others in your field.

Give Back

We’ll connect you with plenty of opportunities to serve, such as assisting and speaking at chapter meetings.

Never underestimate the power of your individual membership in your professional organization. The strength in our numbers gives OAAPN a meaningful voice at the legislative level and a chance to make real changes in our profession. OAAPN membership matters to you, your colleagues, the profession and to Ohio health care.

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