OAAPN’s Pre-Conference Workshops for Ohio APRNs
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Additional fees apply! $100 per session unless otherwise noted.

8:00 am Infectious Diseases
Diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases including MRSA, Lyme disease, urinary tract infections, C-Diff, and community acquired pneumonia will be discussed. Data, trends, antibiotics, microbiology, adverse reactions, dosing and testing and more will be covered as they relate to these and other infectious diseases.

8:00 am Beginning 12-Lead ECG
This workshop will cover the normal ECG as well as common abnormalities such as axis deviation, hypertrophy, intervals and ischemia/injury/infarct and other ECG changes. We will discuss basic anatomy of the heart and examine how changes to the heart due to various co-morbid conditions can be reflected on the 12-Lead ECG.

1:00 pm Basic Suturing
Learn fundamentals of wound evaluation and treatment, wound healing, skin anatomy, type of injury, anesthesia drug selection, blocks, local infiltrate, closure methods, suturing and knot tying, minimizing cosmetic disfigurement, after care and more. Hands-on demonstration and individual practice will be available. Additional $25 supply fee for suture kit you take home. Limit 45. This is the same as the morning workshop.

1:00 pm Reimbursement: Optimizing Revenue with Correct Documentation and Coding
Join us for this popular conference workshop and hear updates on reimbursement issues and strategies specifically for Ohio’s APRNs. Topics include electronic medical records; components of evaluation and management codes; physical examination; medical decision making; office and outpatient evaluation and management coding; hospital inpatient and SNF/NF evaluation and management coding; incident-to; split/shared visits; Medicare wellness visits; data mining and benchmarking … and more!

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