Attorney General Opinion Presented at OBON Meeting:

An assistant Attorney General (AAG) presented the Attorney General’s (AG) opinion regarding the FNP and ACNP situation at Wednesday’s meeting of the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBON).

The AAG stated their primary concern with the OBON’s interpretation is that the OBON does not currently have a rule written stating who can and cannot practice in an acute care setting. Furthermore, the AG’s office is concerned that should the OBON “seek to enforce” this rule, “the courts could view it as the licensee was not warned.”  The AG’s office recommends that “if the OBON wants to enforce” their interpretation, “they must write a rule.”

Where it stands now:  The OBON has decided to ask the APRN Advisory Committee to review the AG’s opinion and obtain more interested party testimony.  The APRN Advisory Committee meets on October 2nd. More information will follow as it becomes available.

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