hb 191

New legislation has been introduced on behalf of Ohio Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). OAAPN fully supports our CRNA colleagues in their efforts to improve anesthesia care for Ohioans and allow CRNAs to provide care appropriate to their education and certification. Here is a synopsis of what HB 191 will do:

The statute as it is currently written, vaguely defines the scope of practice for CRNAs. HB191 does not expand the scope of practice of a CRNA, but does clarify how CRNAs currently practice, matching education, training and certification to practice standards in Ohio.

The permissive language allows each facility to determine which of the four anesthesia delivery models to utilize (1) a CRNA working alone (2) a CRNA and an anesthesiologist working independently in the same group (3) a CRNA working in an anesthesia care team (ACT) either medically directed or supervised (4) an anesthesiologist working alone. HB 191 does not expand the ability of a CRNA, but actually explains what they are already doing in Ohio and nationally.

All studies indicate that CRNAs provide safe and effective anesthesia in all practice settings. CRNAs are solo practitioners in geographically remote and economically disadvantaged areas. In fact, there are 150 CRNA solo practices in the state of Ohio. HB 191 will allow a nurse anesthetist in any of the care models to fully participate as a team member. Current law prohibits a CRNA from asking (ordering) another qualified and licensed provider to administer medications during patient care. These restrictions are inconsistent with CRNA education and training as advanced practice registered nurses.

CRNAs have been providing anesthesia for over 150 years. HB 191 will clarify the CRNA role as a primary provider of an anesthetic. It will allow facilities to control the anesthesia model they wish to deliver, offering the flexibility to employ the most cost effective model, a CRNA. But most importantly, it will allow nurse anesthetists to be the experts that they have been educated and trained to be, adhering to the same standards of care as their physician colleagues.

Please show your support for HB 191 by calling or writing your representative. Click HERE for a link to search for your Ohio representative. If you prefer, you may send a letter of support to OAAPN to be submitted on your behalf. If you need more information, send us an email at info@oaapn.org.