Get to know our Northeast Region Co-Director, Joscelyn Greaves. Joscelyn works at Gastroenterology Specialists, Inc. in Canton, Ohio.

What led to your career as an APRN?

My years as a nurse and wanting more independence in caring for my patients. I saw there is a need to providers to provide holistic care to the patient and family and include education about their disease process. I feel the better they understand, the more likely they are to adhere to treatment.

When did you become an OAAPN member? Why?

Three to four years ago. I felt this was a great way to support the vision of APRNs at the state level.

What is your best advice for APRN students and recent college grads looking for their first job?

Keep an open mind and its ok to interview at several places just to see what it out there and the opportunities available. You will learn a lot on the job but please ask questions when you do not understand things and surround your self with great positive mentors.