OAAPN shares the consternation among the Ohio NP community regarding the Fall 2016 OBON Momentum article on primary care and acute care NP scope of practice (SOP). We are working with the Ohio APRN Director Group and Ohio Nurse Executives with the Ohio Hospital Association on rectifying this new interpretation which is not consistent with the APRN Consensus Model.

All concerned parties are well-aware of the unintended consequences that will negatively impact NPs who work in hospitals and emergency departments.  To date, no NP has been reprimanded, sanctioned or had their license/COA revoked by the OBON regarding this issue.  OAAPN has had preliminary discussions with the OBON on this matter.  No decisions have been made on if or when the OBON will enforce this scope of practice perspective.

OAAPN recommends that all concerned NPs contact their APRN directors to express concern and urge action by the Chief Nursing Executive and system’s liaison to the Ohio Hospital Association on reversing the OBON’s SOP interpretation.

OAAPN will update its members on this situation as new information is made available.