Dear APRN Colleagues,

We need your help now as OAAPN continues to pursue fair and equitable reimbursement for Ohio’s APRNs.  We are meeting with CIGNA and United soon to address ongoing problems such as charging patients higher co-pays to see a primary care APRN than for a primary care physician visit.

Please let us know ASAP using the link below if you have any issues with CIGNA, United or another company regarding their reimbursement, credentialing and billing policies. If you are not familiar with billing, reimbursement or insurance concerns, please forward this to the individual who is responsible for this in your practice.

Please click on this LINK to our online form to report your issues now (submit one form for each insurance company).

OAAPN has been very successful in securing unencumbered reimbursement policies of most of Ohio’s insurance companies. We can only proceed with your continued assistance!

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at