Suturing Workshop

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Additional registration fees apply. $100 per session unless otherwise noted.

Morning Workshops

  • 8am Beginning 12-Lead ECG
    Louann Bailey, MSN, ACNP, FAANP, Director, Advanced Practice Nursing at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. This workshop will cover the normal ECG as well as common abnormalities such as axis deviation, hypertrophy, intervals and ischemia/injury/infarct and other ECG changes. We will discuss basic anatomy of the heart and examine how changes to the heart due to various co-morbid conditions can be reflected on the 12-Lead ECG.
  • 8am Joint Injection
    Cliff Fawcett, MSN, FNP, is a nurse practitioner in orthopedic practice and a faculty member at Cedarville University. He will discuss joint architecture and assessment of pathology, followed by a hands-on portion utilizing specialized joint models. Students will receive individualized training at the injection stations and opportunity to practice their technique. Limit 40.
  • 8am Basic Suturing
    Jean Austin, CNP, MSN; Lorrie Elchert, CNP, MSN;Tim Haupricht, CNP, MSN and Vaughn Hoblet, MSN, NP-C bring many years of suturing and teaching experience in this beginning level course. Learn fundamentals of wound evaluation and treatment, wound healing, skin anatomy, type of injury, anesthesia drug selection, blocks, local infiltrate, closure methods, suturing and knot tying, minimizing cosmetic disfigurement, after care and more. Hands-on demonstration and individual practice will be available. Additional $25 supply fee for suture kit you take.
  • 8am Radiology for the Non-Radiologist: How Do I Get the Most Out of My Imaging?
    Four experts from OSU’s Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine will present four different radiology topics:

    • Carleen Risaliti, MD Chief Fellow: The Nuts and Bolts (or Nods and Bones) ofThoracic Radiology addresses the anatomical landmarks of chest x-ray; differentiating indications for chest x-ray versus chest CT; anatomical landmarks of chest CT and common pathologic radiographic findings.
    • Matthew Exline, MD, MPH, Director, Medical Intensive Care Unit:  SeeingThrough the Haze:Thoracic Radiology for the Acutely Ill Patient. Discuss common presentations of thoracic radiology in patients with acute respiratory failure; differentiate interstitial versus alveolar processes and differential diagnosis associated with each; and demonstrate proper placement of lines, tubes, and drains in thoracic cavity.
    • Namita Sood, MD, Director Pulmonary Hypertension Program:  Does Everyone Really Need a Scan? Discuss the presentation of acute pulmonary embolism versus chronic thromboembolic disease; differentiate use of modalities for detection of pulmonary embolism including CT chest, V/Q scan, and ultrasonography; and discuss work-up of patient with pulmonary hypertension with regards to chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEP).
    • Edwin Jackson, MD:  So Do I Need to Screen Or What? Lung Cancer Screening in 2016. Discuss historical trends in lung cancer screening; describe indications for lung cancer screening in 2016; articulate risks and benefits of lung cancer screening with low-dose chest CT.


  • 1pm Joint Injection
    David Sohn, JD, MD, Chief, Shoulder and Sports Medicine, University of Toledo Medical Center, will discuss approaches for injections and aspirations for shoulder, knee, hip, elbow and ankle and identify indications for injections and aspirations, and preferred techniques.This will be followed by a hands-on session utilizing specialized joint models. Limit 40.
  • 1pm Acute and Chronic Vaginitis and What Really Works: Focus on Video Microscopy
    Mimi Secor, CNP, MS, FAANP. Mimi is an NP at Horizons Health and Wellness, an OBGYN wellness center focusing on both traditional OBGYN conditions and also health and wellness, antiaging and health promotion. She will discuss common vulvovagnitis (acute and chronic) diagnostic challenges; explain the optimal diagnostic approach for acute and chronic vaginitis focusing on office diagnosis and vaginal microscopy and describe evidence-based approaches for managing acute and chronic vulvovaginitis. Limit 75.
  • 1pm Ortho Assessment
    Annette Kornasiewicz, PT, has been a licensed physical therapist for 18 years in a busy, out-patient PT Ortho hospital-based practice. Attendees will receive a head-to-toe overview of common musculoskeletal disorders, their presentations and signs and symptoms with a review of differential diagnosis and the latest research on the efficacy of treatment options. This lecture provides an excellent overview for those wanting to enhance their orthopedic knowledge base and to gain confidence in their skills to recognize and differentiate between musculoskeletal complaints and conditions that warrant further medical intervention.
  • 1pm Office Procedures
    Suzanne Corado, MSN, FNP-C; Lorrie Elchert, CNP, MSN; Vaughn Hoblet, MSN, NP-C. This interactive workshop includes I &D procedures of abscesses and wounds, digital blocks for nail removal, foreign body removal and suturing, anesthesia and injury evaluation, paronychia and subungal hematoma treatment, shave and skin biopsies, wart debridement and cryotherapy. Limit 50.
  • 1pm Reimbursement: Optimizing Revenue with Correct Documentation and Coding.
    This seminar is focused on understanding reimbursement, documentation and coding from the basics to the fine points for APRNs and their staff. Sally Streiber BS, MBA, CPC, CEMC is the Director of Provider Compliance at University Hospitals, Cleveland and President of Practical Coding Solutions LLC.Topics include requirements for E/M service when to use time-based billing; documenting to support the level of service; understanding incident-to and split/shared visits; requirements for transitional care coding; optimizing psychiatric care coding; when and how to use prolonged services codes; the latest on telemedicine coding. A brief update on some ICD-10 tools will also be included. Joining her will be ChristineWilliams, MSN, CNP, FAANP, with 20+ years of experience as OAAPN’s reimbursement expert will present on: state and federal updates for 2016-2017; Updates on Ohio Medicare and Ohio Medicaid Billing rules for APRNs; homecare and DME face to face requirements; hospice billing; Ohio commercial payer matrix updates.

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