Teresa Lagerlof Receives 2016 Nurse Practitioner of the Year Award from NEONP

The 2016 Annual Nurse Practitioners Conference hosted by the Northeast Ohio Nurse Practitioners (NEONP) yielded several highlights, including a record-setting number of attendees and exhibitors this year.

One highlight in particular represented what NPs can accomplish to promote compassion, education, and improved care to those who need it most: The awarding of the “Nurse Practitioner of the Year Award” this year went to NEONP’s Teresa Lagerlof, MSN, CNP, DNP.

Dr. Lagerlof serves as NEONP’s legislative and OAAPN/AANP representative, volunteering many miles and hours to further the role of NPs in Columbus, Ohio and elsewhere. Receiving the honor is rich with meaning for her.

“Receiving the 2016 Nurse Practitioner of the Year means much to me because of what it represents. It legitimizes what I so seriously work for and believe in.  Because of my indigent heart-failure patients’ struggles — and the legislative changes that are still needed — for this award I want to thank NEONP.  Together as Nurse Practitioners and Researchers, we’ll achieve our legislation.  Health care is becoming a sentinel event — where yet hidden populations need our help.

“NEONP is dear to me. We work together. Our forte is welcoming new grads as they navigate the road to expertize. And so now, more than any other time in history, outdated practice restrictions in Ohio need to be eliminated so that we can mentor our own.

“I was very surprised to receive this award. Someone had to nudge me at the conference, ‘Hey, they just called your name, get up there!’

“I would like to credit Greg Graham, my post-graduate statistics professor, with helping me the most. He helped me discover that statistics can be fun.”

What’s next?

“After publishing my dissertation, I’d like to apply for the Evidence for Action federal grant Investigator-Initiated Research to Build a Culture of Health, involve a nonprofit and get some friends to help.

“Thank you for sharing my dream,” she added.

Teresa Lagerlof is an active OAAPN member and sits on OAAPN’s APRN Modernization Committee.