By Tonya Carter, OAAPN Secretary

OAAPN is Your Professional Association

Membership in a professional organization is a responsibility of all Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. As practice leaders, all APRNs have a role in the advocacy of the nursing discipline. By joining your professional organization, you have fulfilled the most basic role of activism for APRN practice.

Professional organizations provide a unified platform for members to promote, educate, and influence policies. Through membership to an organization, members share professional commonality. Through this professional community, colleagues begin to network to address trends and issues impacting the discipline. Expert knowledge is disseminated among its members improving practice. Lastly, shaping policy and legislation further promotes the aim of an organization.

Most successful organizations have strength in numbers. The larger the membership it represents, the more political and social influence the organization has. As the landscape of healthcare changes APRNs are poised to influence the healthcare agenda. The influence of professional organizations to practice makes membership a responsibility of all APRNs.

Join today.