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{Transcript from OAAPN Update from President Terri Miller – May 25, 2016}

I’m Terri Miller the President of OAAPN and I am here at the Ohio Statehouse to let you know of a recent development on House Bill 216. Today, the House Bill passed unanimously in the Health and Aging Committee. It was then sent directly to the house floor where it passed at the House of Representatives.

This summer OAAPN will be working diligently to make the technical changes necessary in the bill so that it can be sent to the Senate. We will also be talking to with the Senators to make any changes that need to be done. This will be six months of hard work and dedication.

The retirement of the SCA or Standard Care Agreement, will be more of a marathon than what we had originally hoped.  However, there are more than twenty other items, which will benefit not only Advanced Practice Registered Nurses but it will also improve access to care for all of our patients.

And, please continue to support your support as well as your PAC funds. Thank you for your time.


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