By Carol Cairns, Director, Prescriptive Authority

Ohio’s Committee on Prescriptive Governance (CPG) updated the format of the prescriptive formulary.

  • The formulary now has 2 columns. One column lists the medications that are “may NOT prescribe.” The other column lists those drugs that are “in accordance with the SCA.” This means your Standard Care Arrangement (SCA) must state whether or not you can prescribe those drugs and if there are any further limitations from your collaborator (such as requiring “Physician Initiated” or “Physician Consultation”).
  • What determines which drugs you MAY prescribe? It is important to remember that the formulary lists drug categories as defined by Facts and Comparisons® (there is a link on the OBON website, but it does require a subscription). IF the drug is listed in Facts and Comparisons® AND is not in the “may NOT prescribe” or “per SCA” columns, THEN it is a “MAY prescribe.”
  • FYI: OAAPN has requested that the CPG change from Facts and Comparisons® to a database that is free and more easily accessible, but this is still under CPG consideration.

As of February 1, 2016, any newly approved FDA drugs are “may prescribe” until the next CPG meeting, when a final prescribing determination is made, IF the following conditions are met:

  1. The drug is within the APRN’s scope of practice
  2. The drug type or subtype is included on the formulary as one that may be prescribed, or may be prescribed according to the APRN’s SCA (see description above)
  3. The collaborating physician has agreed in the SCA that the nurse may prescribe drugs approved by the FDA, that meet the criteria set forth in (1) and (2), above, and that have not yet been reviewed and approved by the CPG.

Be sure your SCA has been updated to include provisions regarding the prescribing of FDA approved drugs that have not yet been reviewed by the CPG. OAAPN has a revised Model SCA Template for purchase at

Be sure to check the CPG Committee Updates on the OBON website after each CPG meeting to learn what drugs were reviewed and what the final prescribing determination is. We also post the link to the updates on the OAAPN website. The CPG meeting dates for 2016 are: January 11, May 16 and October 17.

Make sure your SCA includes provisions regarding compliance with:

  1. Prescription of opioid analgesics to minors
  2. OAARS requirements

Be aware of revised language regarding prescribing of compounded medications. See page 3.

Be sure to check out the OAAPN website Prescriptive Authority section for important links, updates and Q&A section at or send questions to