We have been highlighting true stories from Ohio APRN’s across the state, highlighting the need to pass OAAPN’s Modernization Bill, H.B. 216 so that we can effectively practice and treat our patients. Polly S. Vaughan, BSN, APRN, CPNP, is a nurse practitioner for the Division of Neurology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She recently shared her thoughts on the subject. 

I recently heard a comparison about how APRN’s who are required to practice in Ohio with that of law enforcement.  It was stated in a way that I think may help those who are trying to understand the issue better:

Think of it in these terms.  There are many different levels and types of law enforcement.  The city police are not required to have a collaborative agreement with the Ohio Highway Patrol in order to practice as a law enforcement officer.  The Sheriff’s Department is not required to have a written and signed collaborative agreement with the FBI and the FBI must be within 15 miles of the Sheriff’s Department in order for them to practice and enforce the law to the extent in which they were trained. To my knowledge, this law does not exist.  However, it does exist for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses under current state law.

Share your thoughts or stories with your state representative in order to highlight the benefits of H.B. 216 in support of this legislation. Also, be sure to contact OAAPN Communications Chair Cathy Hoffman by emailing to share your story with your colleagues.