The passing of OAAPN’s Modernization Bill, HB 216, is crucial to our profession and our patients. This series highlights prominent concerns Ohio APRNs including CNPs, CNMs, CNSs, and CRNAs, experience each day, which can be resolved with the simple passing of HB 216.

Lesly Knowlton is a DNP who recently started her own practice, the first in the county she serves. This is Lesly’s story.

I have recently started the first independent Nurse Practitioner practice in Washington County. I worked for the hospital for many years. However, since my collaborating physician left the area, the hospital refused to keep me on my own. Because the hospital owns 90 percent of the county’s practices it was difficult for me to get started due to the difficulty in finding a
collaborating physician. I am currently paying someone. I provide primary care but am limited to patients over the age of 13, even though I am trained as a FNP to also care for children because my current collaborator is an internal medicine specialist. If this bill were to pass I would be free of the financial strain that paying a collaborator places on the practice. I would also be able to expand my services to a greater population by becoming inclusive to caring for children.

Be a part of the movement and share your story with your state representative in support of this legislation be sure to contact OAAPN Communications Chair Cathy Hoffman by emailing crna91@gmail.com.